Edited Prologue!

The prologue was edited by my jiejie and Goddess ChouFleur!  She helped me lots about the novel too! I love her so much! Go read her translations in Volare Novels! Heeeeeere!!! -> Bone Painting Coroner  Chou jie did great! The prologue’s much better! more painful and Yuu’s despair is making me sob and cry and go into a… Read More Edited Prologue!


This is unedited. I’m no pro so there may be blatant mistakes here. ^^; This prologue was edited by my jiejie, ChouFleur!! Thank you very much!!!  There was only one person that he ever treasured, a treasure worth much more than his measly, useless and miserable life. Yuu stood still on the ground—his stare stopping at… Read More Prologue